personally crafted wellness immersions


What if you could indulge yourself in a personalized retreat designed and crafted to support your emergence into deepest living, wellness and play?

With your clear intention, allow us to create a portal through which we help you elevate your personal physio-spiritual reality, integrating real and sustainable practices as a path into a wild and wonderful life.

We will design for you a personalized retreat in a specialized blend of interwoven practices such as:


 Yoga, Dance, Breath of Life

• Functional Movement & Strength

 Gravitational Reboot & Unwinding

 Cranio-Sacral Therapy

 Applied Meditation & Awareness

 Nutritional Support & Education

 Intuitive Insight / Tarot

We offer free initial consultations to say hello, to help you visualize your personal retreat, and to answer any questions you might have regarding your journey.



your path, your practice



yoga | strength | locomotion | breath | nutrition | unwind

Conscious Embodiment sessions are an integrated, holistic journey into recovering your primal self. Yoga is the technology and experience of reweaving elemental, primal spiritual clarity and fully realized embodiment into modern life. This is our extraordinary foundation for rejuvenative work and play.

Conscious mobility and strength - how we move in the wild world, are paramount to deep healing, reorganization and recovery. Breath awareness within such dynamic movement permeates all that we do, facilitating the profound experience of proactively unwinding negative karmic and cultural patterning. Nutritional inspiration and advice, support in developing a personal practice, and much more await you in your private embodiment sessions.


dance | cranio-sacral | tarot | feminine mystery

The inner arts invite the true integration and personal evolution inherent in witnessing ourselves within the experience of Life. Cultivating subtle awareness, we move beyond conceptual understanding to truly weave wisdom within reality.


Dance, as channeled movement inspired by Mystery, liberates the fire of the Soul. Cranio-sacral therapy, the art of supporting the subtle flow of life force in the body, offers extraordinary healing and rejuvenation. The Tarot, as creative reflection of the human archetypal design, offers insight into our patterns and potential. Feminine blood mysteries, the practices of cultivating the natural Moon-Rhythms of the Sacred Feminine, brings deepest nourishment. Let us playfully design private sessions of deepest insight and understanding.