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Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Nov 14-21, 2020


Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Villa Sumaya  |  Nov 14-21, 2020 with Sean & Munay

$1,800 - $2,400 depending on accommodation

Join us for a week-long immersion into primal movement, yoga, dance and ceremony.


Agni invokes primordial, elemental fire. Soma connects us with the primordial waters from which all life is born. Lake Atitlan is a magical place – a naturally formed lake held by three volcanoes in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala where Agni and Soma are held in beautiful balance. “Atitlan” means “at the water – the place where the rainbow gets its colors”. It is a powerful portal through which we can enjoy a deeply cleansing and revitalizing infusion of elemental essence.


Villa Sumaya is a sublime retreat space on lake Atitlan in Guatemala where we will share our passion for conscious living, personal inspiration and discovery. Empower, reset, revive and play.



dialing and inspiring your practice



The Yogi, the Professor & the Monkey

JOHNS CREEK YOGA | ATLANTA | 9/27-29, 2019



The Yogi, the Professor & the Monkey

Johns Creek Yoga  |  Sep 27-29, 2019 with Sean

Origin stories are at the spiritual and philosophical hearts of cultures around the world. They help us relate to the magnificent universe around us (and within us) through human context and experience. Where do spiritualism (the Yogi), science (the Professor), and the primal mover (the Monkey) meet?


In this special workshop we will widen our perspective to look at yoga, science, and conscious movement to alchemize an inspirational, motivational world-view-infusion that just might lift your bright practice to a whole new level. Discover the Quantum Pelvis and liberate your inner Conscious Monkey.



conscious embodiment training


ORIGIN Training supports practitioners of conscious embodiment in a dynamic and applied integration of yoga, strength, locomotion, world-view, nutrition, and lifestyle. We educate, initiate and develop a foundational practice of exploration and play, of sensitivity, strength and discovery.

You are invited to engage in a movement renaissance - to practice and play always on the cusp of evolution and change through the catalyst of personal experience. For teachers of any movement protocol, this program will lift and significantly deepen any existing practice.

The curriculum, its presentation and ongoing evolution are designed to support students’ exploration and application of their personal practice as an ever-deepening point of access to consciousness, authenticity, life-balance, relatability, and creativity.

One Year, 5 DeepDives

The ORIGIN Training program consists of 5 DeepDives spread out over a year's time. Each session is an integral and vital thread in the tapestry of a profound life-practice. Scroll down for more info.



An Origin Story: The Heart of the Practice

January 3rd-6th, 2019 | $500 | Santa Fe

An initiation into and discussion of the world-view and understanding at the root of the practice relative to the human experience. This is a foundational alchemy of science and philosophy, of tradition within evolution, designed to inspire insight into embodied truth through the unwinding of negative patterning and a return to authenticity.

We begin with right alignment within the inner temple of the breathing core. We observe clarity of locomotion and movement within gravity while exploring the origin and impulse of all movement practices. In short, we find the common natural thread of the perennial purpose of coming into being to be the heart and fire of the practice.



Intraconnectivity & Movement

April 4th-7th, 2019 | $500 | Santa Fe

An introduction and study of applied anatomy within the context of myofascial meridians, their relationships, and their emergence via natural movement. We define a baseline for the energy and biomechanics of movement, breath, and the flow of embodied intelligence through understanding how we have evolved naturally versus culturally.

Through myofascial relationships we experience the fundamentals of movement, defined through dynamic play with Earth and Gravity. We begin to filter movement practices (yoga, dance, strength etc.) through the wisdom of how the body is designed to move naturally, simplifying yet exponentially deepening our practice.


The Yoga Renaissance

August 1st-4th, 2019 | $500 | Santa Fe

We progressively filter the vast yogic postural library into a revolutionary deconstruction of primal movement. Here are the yogic bones of the practice with a strong emphasis on understanding the physio-energetic reality of natural movement as spontaneous, channeled rhythms and shapes.

Yogāsana supports the natural flow and field of the human experience, recovering range of motion as range of experience and awareness. It is to understand the simultaneity of spaciousness and engagement, of length and strength, of a deep breath as the softest moment. We strive to remember - to go back before all systems and traditions to understand their inspiration in the lineage of the human experience.


Strength, Locomotion & Play

October 10th-13th, 2019 | $500 | Santa Fe

Conscious embodiment is not possible without conscious movement. Understanding natural locomotion is to understand how we are meant to move functionally in gravity - walk, run, squat, lunge, leap, climb, hang, push, pull, crawl, sit. It is a human rite to be intramuscularly intelligent, connected intimately within and without, individuated within the construct of totality.

We rediscover the gorgeous flow and complexity of our need to move freely in gravity outside the confines of conceptual, aesthetic form. This is a beautiful return to conscious-animal, coiling and softening, being close to the earth and deep in the breath of life. It is an invitation to play, to dance, to remain curious, and to find a personal balance in all the woven threads of a lasting, illuminating practice.


Developing a Personal Practice

January 9th-12th, 2020 | $500 | Santa Fe

This is an initiation into, or a deep elevation of, personal practice through the integration and application of everything presented and practiced during the course. It all comes together — in the wide context of conscious lifestyle choices, we weave breath awareness, yoga, locomotion, strength, rhythm, dance, nutrition, and space into clarity and life-view.


Core awareness and primal movement support intuitive understanding and reflection of negative embodied patterns and how to begin to unwind them through an ever-evolving proactive journey of alchemy, discovery, magic and play. We must know our bones as timeless elders, and find, each in our own movement, a deepening relationship with Embodied Source.


OF ORIGIN Training consists of five DeepDives spread out over a year's time. Each Dive is a four-day weekend immersion (Thursday-Sunday, 10am-5pm daily). Cost is $500 per Dive and students may register via the links above. DeepDives are held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, however, you may contact Sean about hosting any of the dives, or the entire course in your community. 


It is recommended that students try to attend the five sessions in the order they are sequenced. However, if you need to attend the sessions out of order, you must complete the first four sessions (in any order) before moving on to session five.

This is not a yoga teacher training, nor is it a Yoga Alliance certified course. It is a diverse and evolutionary conscious embodiment and movement training. The scope and context of this course reaches beyond Yoga Alliance requirements, and is a powerful lift to any prior training, reaching across multiple disciplines and systems. Sean Tebor maintains his ERYT500 and YACEP status with Yoga Alliance and will issue continuing education certificates (CECs) for students who require them in support of their studies.

This course is a living, evolving, breathing experience that is a continuing alchemy of practices and teaching deeply rooted in science and intuition. It is a return to the origin of medicinal movement and primal functionality. It appeals to that innate wisdom in all of us that knows how to move, how to breathe, how to love and dance.