Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica

Casa Cerise | Mar 21-28, 2020

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journey with us to the caribe



Casa Cerise  |  Mar 21-28, 2020 with Sean & Munay

$1,600 - $2,000 inclusive, depending on accommodation

Join Sean and Munay for a week-long retreat and immersion in conscious embodiment, movement and ceremony at Casa Cerise in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica.


We invite you to experience one of our favorite places to rejuvenate and play. The Caribbean rain forest and beaches of Costa Rica inspire a great return to elemental fullness. Tension melts away day by day, with each passing wave and all the vital sounds of the jungle. The colors of the Caribe are vibrant, wild and awakening.


Such soft wildness invites freedom of movement and expression. We will be immersed in daily practices of conscious embodiment, from Dance, to Groundwork, Animal Movement, Moving Meditation, Primal Walks on the beach and more, so that we may return to our simplest, fullest, dynamic selves.

You may reserve your space on the retreat with a $500 non-refundable deposit. Send Sean or Munay an email once you have paid your deposit and let us assist you with your accommodations and questions. Based on your preferences we will send you a final balance amount which will be due by March 7th, 2020.



rest well, dream deeply



$2,000-2,200 depending on occupancy 

Casa Cerise suites are colorful and cozy. Each suite has a queen bed, a private bath, and air conditioning.



Shared Bath

$1,800-2,000 depending on occupancy 

2 Cerise Suites share a common bathroom. Both suites are air conditioned and have bedding flexibility, accommodating up to three people each. One suite has a queen and a single, and the other has a full bed and a single.



The Cerise Dorm has three sets of bunk beds, is air conditioned, and has its own bathroom.


culinary creations by giovanni


Chef Giovanni's Magic

Munay and I met Giovanni the first time we visited the Caribe. As next-level as his culinary art is, it is his consciousness and presence that are so evident in his love of his craft.


Vegan Power

Giovanni will be creating three organic vegan meals a day, sourced as locally as possible.

Cooking Class

Giovanni will be offering a special cooking class to anyone interested.



what's included & other options


What's Included

Your retreat includes 7 nights accommodations, movement classes and dance with Sean and Munay, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, and ceremonies. The local daily shuttle from Casa Cerise to the movement space is also included.


What's not Included

Airfare to San Jose, Costa Rica and transportation to Limón and Playa Chiquita.

Private Sessions

We will be offering limited private sessions during the retreat. Sean will offer personal sessions incorporating groundwork, locomotion, breath and strength, and Munay will be offering cranio-sacral and tarot sessions.



preparing for your journey

You will be traveling to Playa Chiquita, about an hour south of Limón on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Most international flights into San Jose, Costa Rica arrive in the evening. You will need to book a hotel room at Country Days Inn & Suites near the airport in San Jose for the night of March 20th. On the morning of March 21st, you'll have a choice of taking a 40 minute flight on Sansa from San Jose to the airport in Limón, or booking a shuttle (6 hrs, time varies) from San Jose to Playa Chiquita. If you choose to fly into Limón via Sansa, you will need to book a shuttle from the airport in Limón to Playa Chiquita (1 hour). Munay will be helping you with travel logistics.

Our retreat ends the morning of March 28th. Your travel plans back to San Jose will be similar to your arrival, with the likelihood of being able to find a flight out of San Jose on the same day.


We're happy to answer any travel questions you have.



common questions and answers


Do you accommodate special diets?
We can accommodate any food allergies or special needs. Please contact Munay with questions.


Is the water safe to drink?
Casa Cerise is equipped with a water filter for drinking water, but we do not recommend drinking from any other source.

Will there be enough protein?
As detailed above, Chef Giovanni will be crafting exquisite, balanced, vegan meals for our retreat. It is our intention to hold space during the retreat at the highest vibe, and our nutrition is fundamental to that.


Can I bring my children?

Yes! Children are welcome. We will coordinate with you on an individual basis. Please contact Munay for more information.

Is there laundry service?
Yes.  There will be an offsite laundry service for $10 per load.

Is there WiFi?
Yes, Casa Cerise has WiFi service. 

Do I need to bring my yoga mat or props?
Please bring a yoga mat, and a block if you typically need one.

What type of electricity do you have?
Same as the United States. No adapters necessary unless you plan on plugging in a device that requires a ground plug.

Do I need to bring soap, shampoo and a towel?
Casa Cerise provides towels in the rooms for bathing. We recommend bringing your own beach towel, and your favorite toiletries.


Is there a pool, sauna or hot tub?
There is a swimming pool an ambient temperature jacuzzi at Casa Cerise.